Linux Single Board Computers

Moblin Linux  Single Board ComputerLinux Penguin for Mobile Linux Single  Board Computer GNU head for  Linux Single  Board Computer Debian Mark for Linux Single  Board Computer

Eurotech give you productive access to the  Linux Single Board Computers. With all drivers in place, tool chain operational, and thousands of Linux packages proven, you can begin your application work at once.

Our years of experience with Embedded Linux on ARM, X86, PPC, MIPS and Low Power ATOM processors lets us simplify and expedite development and deployment of Embedded Linux single board computer systems.

Single board computers with Linux include the follow architectures:

We offer as standard build,  Debian GNU/Linux for our full root file systems. We recommend using a full root file system with a hard drive for native development. This way, development is just like normal Linux development on a PC. This allows our customers to be productive right away without having to set up and learn cross development systems. (Of course, we also provide cross compilers, so our customers that prefer to can use cross instead of native compilers.)

You can get your system in these form factors:

Above the standard Linux offer,. we can include a OSGI J2ME VM with SWT support to ease application development.

Since we know that we will share in our customers' success, we are anxious to help them meet their development goals. We respond rapidly to customers' requests and focus technical resources appropriate to the issue at hand. Our customers waste few hours waiting for the appropriate technical response.

If you are interested in our Linux offering, contact us.