Intel Atom Development Program

With the Intel Atom program, Eurotech and Intel core capabilities come together to deliver feature-rich solutions across Atom processors and across form factors. In our low power SBC products such as Vector we deliver the power of Intel Atom architecture in a fanless, flexible EPIC form factor. With our Catalyst product family, we offer modular solutions across Atom processor platforms such as the Atom Z5xx, the dual core Atom D510, or the highly integrated Atom E6xx. Eurotech offers low power advantages in both hardware and software design as well as in our business model, focused on flexibility to ensure our customers receive the right low power solution and support to meet unique device needs.

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Value: Hardware

The Atom Z5xxP-based Vector offers you low power and high performance through a robust SBC design that doesn't require fans or heatsinks, allowing you to plug the board into any embedded application easily in order to get to market quickly.

Vector is available in the EPIC form factor and offers several standard configurations, giving OEMs the flexibility to chose the features that are right for unique market needs. Some key highlights include:

For those applications that require a more customized solution, the Catalyst COM Module, the initial Eurotech/Atom product, delivers the full suite of Intel Atom capabilities in a small form factor with lowest power consumption of any x86 systems today. The 67 x 100 mm custom form factor offers flexibility without sacrificing capabilities or increasing cost. The Catalyst family includes the Catalyst Module XL, the Catalyst LP, and the Catalyst TC, all delivered in the 67 x 100 mm custom form factor offers flexibility without sacrificing capabilities or increasing cost.

Eurotech offers several other Atom-powered solutions from Eurotech. With a long list of solutions across form factors and Atom processors, Eurotech offers you the choice of ATOM Single Board Computer or COM configurations that are right for your device needs.

Value: Software

Eurotech applied decades of Intel architecture experience to developing both SBC and modular solutions such as the Vector, Catalyst Module, and other Atom-based solutions from firmware to framework. Many of our solutions offer a conforming system BIOS developed in-house but with extensive support from Intel, ensuring customers that our code is optimized to Intel Atom power management architecture. Our embedded controller software was also developed in-house for a low cost, low power, and industrial strength solution. Furthermore, our operating system (OS) choices are extensive.

Value: Business Model

Eurotech is dedicated to offering flexibility in both our product line and our business model, which is easily customized to meet unique OEM needs for the Vector and other Intel Atom-based solutions. Customers can choose from several standard configurations to meet unique device needs while still working with an SBC design. For those customers who want to build their own carrier board (by working with Eurotech or through a third party), Eurotech's Catalyst family supports off-the-shelf, optimized, or architect solutions.

To earn more about our full range of Intel Atom-based solutions and how they can maximize the MIPS to mW ratio of your device, contact us.

About Eurotech

Eurotech is a global leader in the design, development and production of application-ready embedded computer systems. Eurotech architects systems that help companies bring their products to market quickly through the latest technologies with advanced graphics capabilities, low-power consumption, and robust functionality. Eurotech Inc. specializes in helping customers connect their applications to the latest available wireless, mobile and enabling technologies such as the Intel Atom for Single Board Computers. Eurotech is a Maryland-based subsidiary of Eurotech Group, S.p.A.