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Eurotech offers U-boot for its Debian/Linux PXA-270 Systems. U-boot is the bootloader of choice for Linux running on embedded systems. It's smaller and easier to build and use than redboot and has more features than bootloaders like blob and purpose-built bootloaders. U-boot is an open source bootloader.

U-boot can be used to boot Linux and other operating system and stand-alone programs. The name u-boot stands for "Universal Bootloader." U-boot is a full featured bootloader that is also small, easy to build and easy to use. At Eurotech U-boot is used to boot the Linux kernel running on ARM (XScale, ARM9) processors in its embedded computer systems. Consistent with the GPL, Eurotech will provide source code to our customers to allow them to modify U-boot. U-boot, as it currently runs on the BitsyXb, all PXA270s and the Sphere EP9315, includes all the features of the prior Eurotech bootloader (although in different forms).

In addition, U-boot also includes:

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