J1708 Drivers, Modems and Protocols

SAE J1708 and ISO 9141 Interface Driver for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Data

SAE J1708 Interface

SAE J1708 and ISO 9141 are protocols for the interchange of digital information on road vehicles and other heavy equipment. These specify Serial Data Communications between microcomputer systems in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications.


Eurotech supplies embedded computers for thousands of vehicle-based systems every year, with many using a CAN bus or SAE J1708 Protocol for their vehicle interface. Eurotech had historically used a hardware adapter to provide SAE J1708 protocol, but recently we migrated to a highly optimized design which, by close hardware/software integration, reduced the 'all in' parts cost of the interface to a few dollars.


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Our implementation of J1708 has been stress tested on heavily loaded vehicle systems with dozens of different supplier components. It has proven to be fully compliant to the letter and intent of the standard, and significantly out-performs the adaptor based system. This white paper will discuss some of the techniques used to create this integrated SAE J1708 protocol interface.

The drivers you want can be detailed in a project 'Scope of Work' document, engineered and then supplied with each board supplied under a mutually agreeable OEM Contract.


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For automotive applications, Eurotech provides fully integrated CAN Bus J1939 running on both Microsoft Windows and Linux single board computers.

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