Pipeline/SCADA/Telecontrol Systems

Protocols, Drivers, and Edge Servers

Eurotech has a long history with Pipeline/Telecontrol/SCADA.  In fact, 70% of the liquid hydrocarbons in the USA move thru pipelines monitored by Eurotech Equipment.  We can bring 30 years of SCADA legacy protocols to modern, open architecture systems.

For more than a decade, we have supplied and maintained the Director series of edge controllers to collect pump station data and publish it to the enterprise cloud.  Even today, thousands of Director units are maintained via satellite dishes from our Kansas City offices, and Director units are still manufactured under Eurotech's lifetime extension program.

scada edge controller

For new programs we recommend state of the art hardware platforms like Helios based on the powerful and rugged Intel Atom CPU.  Helios has multiple communication technologies built in. 

Our various PC104 SBC's and 'ready to use' systems like Duracor also are hardware platform options for SCADA, as are super low ARM solutions like Zywan.

For software, we can offer various .NET alternatives or our open source Everyware Software Framework, ESF

linux java middleware icon ESF is built on enterprise grade Linux from Wind River, the Oracle JVM and a development environment leveraging Eclipse, Equinox and OSGi technology.

ESF, with MQTT connectivity, is a gateway to IBM Websphere systems

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