High Temperature Fanless Design

High Temperature Fanless Design for PC and SBC
University of Maryland

Eurotech has retained CALCE Laboratories of the University of Maryland to test and develop design, manufacturing and operating procedures to rate Eurotech's single-board computers for industrial, automotive, military, and other severe service application.

This is the same process CALCE Labs uses to certify 32-bit electronics for FAA applications and requires intervention, control and selection all along the design and supply chain. Eurotech may be the only supplier of 32-bit single board computers to have such third party certification.

Download the CALCE reports here.

Tests and certifications have been performed on selected Eurotech products. With few exceptions, Eurotech products are designed to meet extended environmental requirements. Specific test programs and certifications can be provided for any Eurotech product or any custom configuration of an Eurotech project as part of a normal OEM engagement.

you can apply our design capbiltiy, to create for you a custom fanless computer.

We have multiple products, ready to go- for example the DuraCORE Fanless PC

Many of these are based on high-temperature industrial Atom CPU's  like Proteus ICE

If you have any questions about our methods of securing high temperature services, even using commercial components, contact us.