Single Board Computer Sphere II

Low-cost single-board computer with floating point and signal co-processor

The Sphere II is a full-featured single board computer with CAN Bus, robust I/O, storage, and versatility features. Based on the Cirrus EP9315 ARM9 RISC-based processor, Sphere II provides the forum for a powerful system with low power consumption. It features rich graphics to XGA without the heat with comprehensive on-board I/O including 3 serial ports, Ethernet 10/100baseT, USB host and an AC97 stereo codec, all in a small form factor. The platform has been specially designed with a peripheral personality board, and for both battery and external power supply types of application scenarios.



Cirrus EP9315 @ 200MHz

Form Factor

4.0 x 4.6 inches (102 x 117mm)


Up to 128MB DRAM



Common Interfaces

10/100base-T Ethernet
3x USB 2.0 host ports (low/full speed)
3 serial ports:
1x EIA-232
1x EIA-232/IrDA
1x EIA-422/485
16x digital I/O or 8x8 matrix keypad
20x additional GPIO
1x I2C port
1x SSP/SPI port
CAN 2.0b

Other features

Stereo audio codec,
4 or 5-wire touchscreen interface
RTC with battery backup
IDE interface

Operating Temp

I: 0/+60ºC
T: -25/+70ºC
D: -40/+85ºC