Catalyst XL

Low Power, High performance solution based on Intel® Atom™

Embedded COM module based on Intel® Atom Platform beefs up performance while maintaining low power

Based on the Intel® Atom™ processor platform, the Catalyst XL accelerates performance while maintaining low power.

Develop advanced embedded solutions without making trade-offs between performance and power consumption with the Catalyst XL. The Catalyst XL from Eurotech is based on the Intel Atom Z5xxP processor and the Intel® System Controller Hub US15WP (SCH US15WP). The Atom processor is implemented using Intel's industry first 45nm, High-K technology to offer high-end performance while reducing thermal constraints and power consumption. It is validated with the SCH US15WP chipset which integrated graphics, memory, and I/O into a small package.

Eurotech's Catalyst XL leverages the advantages of this Intel technology to provide an ideal embedded solution for high performance in a ruggedized, industrial temperature-grade package of the same form-factor and feature-set. The Catalyst XL maintains a small form factor and offer comprehensive I/O and multimedia capabilities including high definition graphics while maximizing the MIPS to mW ratio and consuming less than 5W of power per system. The two-card design gives customers flexibility with the adapter board, starting either with a standard version or custom design (by Eurotech or a third party) to meet unique application requirements while reducing time-to-market.

The Catalyst XL offers further flexibility by supporting several operating system options including Windows® Embedded Standard, Wind River Linux, and targeted real time operating systems (RTOS).

Build low power, fanless embedded solutions based on the latest Intel technology using the Catalyst XL for ruggedized handheld, multimedia, medical, point of service, and industrial designs.

Information on the Development Kit.


Processing unit

Intel Atom Z5xxP processor up to 1.6GHz
533MHz front side bus
Intel SCH US15W

Supported OS

Windows® Embedded Standard
Wind River Linux
Specific RTOS support (call for details)


533MHz DDR-2 up to 1GB
Up to 3 x SD/MMC cards
Up to 2 x PATA devices


Display interfaces: UXGA, XGA, SXGA, HD
Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4/2/1, Windows Media-9, DivX
Dual independent display output capability with LVDS and SVDO
Intel HD Audio

Communications & IO

Up to 8x USB 2.0 ports
Optional TPM (TC6 v1.2 compliant)


Advanced power control
System health/environmental monitor
ACPI power management


Module dimensions 67mm x 100mm
Temp. range up to -40°C to 85°C
Power consumption 3W average per typical application
Maximum sustained power consumption <5W

Adapter Board Expandability

Serial ports (RS232, RS485, optically isolated)
4 or 5 wire touchscreen interface
IrDA interface
Digital I/O
Analogue I/O
10/100/1000 LAN
PCI-Express for high speed I/O
Mini-PCIe for wireless applications
Microphone and speaker audio