Freescale SBC Developments from Eurotech

The Freescale CPU family is engineered to offer managed, low power consumption with floating point calculation capability.   Freescale i.MX31 offers  MHz performance to spare, and a high degree of integration to reduce design cost significantly. 

We have Freescale boards and Freescale Dev kits in stock, ready to go with Linux and CE.  We are and are underway with several custom Freescale designs as well. We offer Freescale development boards, backed by support, cables and all the peripherals as well

Eurotech is a member of the Freescale Technology Forum and has several Freescale designs either as standard product or available as custom systems.  We support advanced features such as Vector Floating Point with both our Embedded Linux with EABI and Embedded Windows BSP operating system options.

For more information on how Freescale i.MX technology can be applied to your project, contact us.

Freescale Powered Boards

Single Board Computer Bitsy G5
Bitsy G5
Full-featured single board computer with the i.MX31 processor
Single Board Computer TurboG5
Low-cost i.MX31 in a COM module format