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Helios is a programmable edge controller that provides a flexible application-ready hardware platform with enhanced wireless capabilities. It combines the fast and rugged Intel Atom™ processor with flexible packaging, software options and wireless, making Helios easy to configure for any application.


The Fanless computer, DuraCOR has been developed to be a suitable solution for integrating and managing the data flow of a vehicle: it can be installed on transportation vehicles (such as trains or buses) and can act as a reliable server for managing data even in environments prone to mechanical shocks and temperature extremes.

ICE View

The  Fanless computer ICE-View-100 is optimized for the PXA255 XScale based VIPER single board computer. The ICE-View-100 is a rugged ergonomic design for installation onto OEM machines or into vehicle systems, using a standard VESA compatible mounting system

Proteus ICE

The Fanless computer PROTEUS ICE is optimized for the Intel Atom low power x86 The enclosure is designed to enable easy installation into wired and wireless, net-centric multimedia applications, especially in situations where low power, high performance but minimum space usage is required.


The Fanless computer VX-50R represents a benchmark product for both professional (home and building automation) and industrial (HMI for PLCs) applications.

Fanless Computers: Build YOur Own

You may also build you own Fanless PC out of one of our low power SBC boards, perhaps a Intel Atom SBC

Design techniques for Fan less high temperature Single Board computers are part  of our core skill set. We start with a low power system, we do not cool down a hot one.

For more information on our designs for Fan less Computers, please contact us