CIP Security for AMR, AMI metering

CIP Security for Electrical power data smart grid power distribution

An electric meter, even a smartgrid digital meter, is not enough for a utility electric smart energy/meter reading project.  The data needs to be secure

Smart electricity meters need a secure neighborhood gateway controller to get the load shedding applications operational on the electric grid. This is where a smart metering system can apply our Helios or Zywan edge controllers.

Electric meters and wireless power meters can employ the smart meter protocol of choice; we can make our product adapt. Likewise, downstream we can support the SCADA or IP protocol the AMR network of the utility needs. Our devices can have strong device identification and can implement CIP Security. 

While most Smart Grid systems will require custom neighborhood controllers, the general capabilities we can offer can be seen by reviewing our standard Helios or Zywan edge controllers.

If you need a CIP secure edge controller for a Smart Grid project, please, contact us