Automatic Passenger Counter

Passenger  Counter in IP65 case, Optical technology

APC PCN-1001 Includes EN51055 T1 certification, RS-485 serial port and isolated digital I/O

The Automatic Passenger Counter for bus or train is a compact and fully integrated device based on noncontact stereoscopic vision technology. This automatic passenger counter is able to count train, tram or bus passengers entering or leaving with accuracy greater than 97%. It also has the capability to record time and date information, which allows users to make statistical analyses at a later time.

This automatic  passenger counter is specifically designed to be used in mobile environments. Thanks to its shape with a front mask that allows it to be mounted in an embedded position under doorways, it becomes almost invisible.  The automatic passenger counter PCN-1001 is an easy install.

Also, we offer a plug and play software interface to our vehicle mounted computers like Zywan, DuraCOR or Helios as well as full integration of passenger count into our full service Bus WiFi Ridernet solution.

The optical panel can also be angled to allow for mounting on positions that are uneven or not directly above the intended detection area.

The automatic passenger counter is an autonomous device with two stereoscopic cameras, which capture images of the area below the device. Using this information it then analyzes the height, shape and direction of any object within the detection area.

The infrared passenger counter comes with four integrated high luminosity infrared LEDs, which enable the system to operate in any kind of lighting condition, even in complete darkness.

Thanks to the circular automotive connectors, it is possible to network PCN-1001 units together; this allows users to monitor all the doors within a vehicle in real time.

If the width of a doorway is greater than 120 cm, two or more counters can be interfaced together. In this configuration, the first unit recognizes the presence of the others and manages any overlapping areas within the effective detection zone, which ensures that passenger movements are correctly analyzed.

In all configurations, an RS-485 serial communications bus is used to interface the PCN-1001 units to the host PC of the vehicle.

Isolated digital inputs and outputs can be used to control devices within the vehicle, which helps to guarantee correct functionality at all times. For example the unit stops counting when the doors of the vehicle are closed.

The Automatic Passenger Counter can be interfaced with Eurotech's mobile computing systems to create a complete, intelligent and fully customizable network with advanced surveillance, communication and infotainment capabilities.

Typical applications include:

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Samsung Arm 9 CPU with WIS MPEG-4 codec engine

Rapid and low-cost installation and set up
Robust, lightweight and reliable
Stereoscopic cameras
Adjustable optical panel
Easy connection of multiple units
User friendly configuration software
Built-in illumination, reliable operations in any type of lighting conditions (even complete darkness)
High precision counting accuracy (>97%)
Low power consumption
IP65 environmental protection grade index
Extended temperature range
Dedicated opto-coupled lines




Counting Accuracy

Typical installation height: 2.25 meters above floor level (minimal detection distance between cameras and the highest head: 0.25 meters)
Height Threshold: 1 meter above floor level
Count Accuracy: >97%

Operating Characteristics

Operating Temperature range according to EN50155 class T1: -25/+55C
Relative humidity: 10% - 90% non-condensing
Vibrations: EN50155: 2001 cat. 1 class B
Minimum Supply Voltage: 9 Vdc
Maximum Supply Voltage: 36 Vdc
Power input: Battery 12/24 V dc
Power Consumption: < 15 Watts


2002/95/CE Compilant


40000 Hours

Communication Interfaces


EMC compliance

ECE/ONU Reg. 10
89/366/ECC (and 92/31/ECC)
72/23/ECC (modified into 93/68/ECC)

Operating Temp

T: -25/+55C


Physical Characteristics


External plate

230 x 100 x 3 mm

Built-in dimensions

Height 81 mm
Width 203 mm
Depth 70 mm